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Australian Open

Australian Open

Ready?...Play!  Welcome to the 2018 Australian Open! As always, the year's first major means late night tennis viewing so get your coffee brewing, join the #sleepisfortheweak crew, and lets get ready to crown some new champions, shall we? 

ESPN networks is the main home for the Australian Open, with ESPN 2 carrying the bulk of the coverage.  ESPN 3 will stream every TV court from first ball to last ball as well.  One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the ESPN TV coverage is that college basketball normally has the 7pm timeslot which often runs into the start of the ESPN 2 tennis coverage.  Tennis Channel will pick up that first match during the week, and will also replay the following day.  ESPN 2 will also air replays the following day.  Interestingly, Tennis Channel doesn't have replays slated for the entire fortnight, and instead looks like it only starts from the quarterfinals on.  Instead, Tennis Channel looks to be airing classic match replays.   

For those that have DirecTV, the Australian Open Mix Channels (#700-707) will go live for the first week of play.  These channels are great resources for tennis fans that include a mix channel, and continuous coverage of 5 TV courts. The Australian Open website also has streaming coverage here.  

Be sure to keep coming back to this page for updates throughout the tournament, and take advantage of all the links and features below!  


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