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Below is a collection of links to different blogs, news, writing, and rankings to stay in the know for all things tennis.  Any sites you visit that should be listed here?  Contact me here.


ATP Live Rankings 

Live Rankings for the ATP Tour. 

WTA Live Rankings

Live Rankings for the WTA Tour.

WTA Home

WTA Official Website 

ATP Home

ATP Official Site

WTA Insider 

The WTA Insider (@wtainsider) is your home for all things WTA.  

ATP/WTA Live Scores App

Mobile app for live scores of  the non- grand slam tennis tournaments. Available for Apple and Android


Customizable live scores app with push notifications for your favorite players. Available for Apple and Android

Great live score website.  Easy to use, and contains more in depth stats than the ATP/WTA Live Scores App.  

The Open Era Review       

 One of the great things about tennis is its dedicated fan base, and getting the ability to gain perspective about how others view the sport is always interesting and valuable.  The Open Era Review, run by Bri (@4THETENNIS), is a great blog that does just that. Bri provides her insight for what is happening on the court, but also off of it including podcast recommendations, tennis innovations, and of course #blackpeoplesavingtennis updates.                                             

This Week in Tennis

This Week In Tennis is a great resource to catch up on everything that you may have missed.  News updates, scores, tweets, podcasts, and articles...This Week in Tennis is a must in order to keep track of everything going on in tennis.  This Week in Tennis is managed by Jonathan Newman (@sportscribeca ). 

The Tennis Island

The Tennis Island (@thetennisisland) AKA TTI, is co-founded by Victoria Chiesa @vrcsports and David Kane @DKTNNS.  TTI not only covers the top of the game, but also focuses on players and stories that you might not otherwise discover.  Victoria is also a MUST follow on twitter for any and all tennis rules and questions.  

I Have A tennis Addiction

Steph (@stephintheUS) runs I have a tennis addiction which is a great resource for those looking to travel to tournaments and great tennis memorabilia.  

Soley Tennis Travels 

Insight into traveling to tennis tournaments from Andreen (@a_gallivant). 

Tennis Panorama

Tennis news, great content from tournaments, and special features.  

Matt Zemek: Tennis Patreon

Matt Zemek (@mattzemek) posts to this year-round tennis blog.  If you enjoy the content, you can subscribe for 1 dollar a month for additional content. 

Tennis With An Accent


ESPN Tennis

ESPN gives you a quick scroll of the days news and scores.  

SI Tennis 

SI Tennis has news, and recently added a podcast.  While not as much daily news as it once was, SI Tennis is still a must read  during slams, especially for the Post-Major 50 Parting Shots column, and Jon Wertheim's Mailbag.   

NY Times Tennis 

Daily news and writing from The New York Times.

Great resource for daily tennis news.  

Tennis Channel News

Daily news and stories from Tennis Channel. 


While Grantland may be no more, it had some of my favorite tennis writing.  I always looked forward to when Grantland wrote about tennis, and the archives are still worth a read (or two) today.  

Racquet Magazine

The quarterly publication is a must read, and a perfect gift for the tennis fan in your life.  Great articles, and incredible tennis art.