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Ready....Watch!? The 2017 Australian Open

Get your sunscreen…….snacks, caffeinated beverage, and winter parka’s time for the Australian Open!  It’s still early in the tennis calendar, and around these parts the middle of winter, but the excitement of the first slam of the year gives us tennis fans the perfect excuse to stay indoors and up all night.

Tennis watching during the Australian swing is always tough time zone wise, but The Australian Open coverage schedule is comprehensive, and thankfully easy to navigate. Here in the States, ESPN and ESPN2 cover the tournament first ball to last ball, with Tennis Channel airing early matches live during the week, and match replays the following day.  One thing to keep in mind during weeknight viewing, ESPN2 almost always has a college basketball game slated for the 7-9pm (Est) time slot.  Even if the games don’t go into overtime, they will undoubtedly run past the start time for ESPN2 tennis coverage (fast4 in basketball anyone)!?  In this case, have your DVR set to run a bit longer on Tennis Channel and have your WATCHESPN app up and fully buffered so you don’t miss anything. 

This is also my quarterly plug for DirecTV’s coverage of the majors. DirecTV has seven channels (701-707) dedicated to the Australian Open, including a mix channel which shows six matches at the same time, a network simulcast, and five dedicated court channels. These extras are only available through the first week, and are court specific, but are a great supplement to the ESPN broadcast.  Quick update: WATCHESPN actually has the matches streamed on ESPN3, which you won't be able to get using a DirecTV login.  I found this out the hard way on opening night.  

Head on over to the TW Slam HQ to get your schedules, channel numbers, and time zone clocks.

Enjoy the tennis!