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2017 Week 10 and 11


Tennis returns to desert this week, with one of the biggest non-major tournaments of the year: Indian Wells. Main draw play starts Wednesday, March 8th.  Coverage for Indian Wells is going to be a bit all over the board, and I do anticipate some struggles for tennis viewers. Tennis Channel, TC Plus, TennisTV, ESPN 2 and ESPN 3 all will be covering Indian Wells to some extent over the fortnight.  TennisTV will have 126 ATP matches available for streaming; however, outside of TennisTV, coverage gets a little more spaced out.  Tennis Channel will have coverage during the first week, and ESPN 3 starts streaming Thursday, March 9th.  ESPN and ESPN 2 will have some tennis on the schedule during the second week, including the finals. One coverage note that is still a bit up in the air is whether Tennis Channel will be airing WTA matches on both its network, and TC Plus, or if WTA will only be available to stream on TC Plus as the ad suggests. However, this very helpful link from the Indian Wells twitter account indicates that both WTA and ATP will be on Tennis Channel.  Which is good news for tennis fans!    

As with all two week tournaments, second week viewing schedules do change, so keep checking Tennis Watchers for the latest updates.  What are your thoughts on coverage during Indian Wells?  Tweet me or contact me here to let me know

**3/8/17 Update: ESPN 3 streaming started one day early, and we can confirm WTA is on both Tennis Channel and Tennis Channel Plus.  


Indian Wells is 3 hours behind EST.  For a live US Time zone dashboard click here. 

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