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TW Guides

Week 7: 2/13/17-2/19/17

With Davis and Fed Cup wrapping up, both tours are back on their own and back to globetrotting this week.  The ATP is in Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, and Memphis, while the WTA kicks of the Middle East Swing in Doha. 

WTA viewing is straight foreword this week.  BEIN is showing Doha and Doha replays both on its main channel and live streaming. The ATP, on the other hand, is a bit more complex.  TennisTV is streaming all three ATP tournaments, although Memphis is not available in the US.  Which…speaking of Memphis, you’ll be able to watch on TC Plus throughout the week, but based on what I can see within the guides, coverage on Tennis Channel itself looks like it is missing until the end of the week. This is a bit odd given it is a US Tournament.   Of course, this could change, and Tennis Channel could very well plan on checking in during its Center Court coverage, but from what I see today, Memphis isn’t on the schedule until the end of the week.  If I see updates, I’ll post.  Overall, Tennis Channel coverage starts in the morning, and essentially goes all day.  Live matches early on, and then replays later so if you should have plenty of chances to catch any matches you may have missed.     

UPDATE:  Tennis Channel has its Center Court Coverage running from  9:00am-5:30pm EST on Saturday (2/18) which would most likely include Rotterdam and Buenos Aires SF matches.  That being said, guides that I am seeing don't specifically call this out.  

Happy Tennis Watching!


Rotterdam is 6 hours ahead of EST.  Click here for a live US time zone difference link. 

Time and Weather for Rotterdam:

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is 2 hours ahead of EST. Click here for a live US time zone difference link. 

Time and Weather for Buenos Aires:

Tennis Watchers Vieing Schedule for Buenos Aires:

Links for Buenos Aires (Spanish Language):

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Memphis is 1 hour behind EST.  Check out this link for a time zone difference breakdown. 

Time and Weather for Memphis:

Viewing Schedules for Memphis:

Links for Memphis:

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Doha is 8 hours ahead of EST.  For a live time zone difference for the US and Doha, click here.

Time and Weather for Doha:

Tennis Watchers schedule for Doha:

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