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TW Guides

Introducing Tennis Watchers: Fan Headquarters


Today is the launch of the Tennis Watchers: Fan Headquarters. The TW Fan HQ is the place to supplement all your tennis watching with links to blogs, podcasts, results, and photos.  

2017 Results: This database contains results for all tennis tournaments. It includes tournament winners, runners-up, as well as the final scores in both singles and doubles.  

Read Tennis: With tournaments all around the world, it can be hard to keep up. Here are links to fan blogs, news, apps, and other tennis writings.  

Talk Tennis: The last few years have seen a lot more tennis related podcasts. Talk Tennis is a collection of some of the podcasts I personally enjoy.  

Live Tennis: I've attended the Western and Southern Open since 2013. It has always been an incredible experience and here I will share that with you from the lens of my camera.  

As always, I welcome feedback on these new pages. If you have information to add please tweet or email me.


Hopefully you enjoy this new content!