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2017 Week 19


No worries tennis fans-I am keeping my eye on the clock to avoid any time violations. Tennis Watchers is  back for Madrid, and ready to begin the service motion.   Madrid is the first joint major event for the premier women and masterful men on clay. This will also be a good opportunity to gauge form as we move closer to Roland Garros. 

As far as coverage goes, this will be an interesting week.  It will be the first time we'll have a joint tournament, but with coverage on two separate networks.  WTA will air on beIN/beIN Connect and ATP on Tennis Channel/TennisTV.  

One of the biggest grievances fans had with beIN over the last few weeks, has been the short coverage windows on its TV channel.  Some matches were even cut off prior to them ending leaving viewers scrambling for streams.  beIN looks to have addressed that for Madrid. Starting Monday, beIN will have coverage windows lasting all day. The other positive change will be the substantial tennis coverage on the main beIN TV channel, as opposed to a majority  on beIN Connect streaming. I am definitely looking forward to getting more time to see beIN's coverage this week, and to see how the network will showcase one of its first larger tournaments.  I will note, while coverage for finals weekend is still to be determined until TV guides are updated, the early peek at them guide looks promising.    

Tennis Channel will cover ATP with its Center Court Live programming.  Replays will follow live coverage throughout afternoon and evening.  TennisTV will also be streaming Madrid.   

Keep an eye on this page throughout the week, as updates will be posted as guides get updated. 

Get channel and network information here.  

Anything missing or something you'd like to see more of?  Let me know here.  

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