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2018 Offseason

Welcome to the offseason, Tennis Watchers. While our favorite players are all starting their vacations, Tennis Watchers is still hard at work! Keep checking this page all year long for a listing of 2018 match replays throughout the offseason. The matches will air on Tennis Channel, and this page will be updated weekly.

Be sure to check out the TW Merch page, which contains the 2019 Tennis Watchers Calendar. This calendar comes in three sizes, and contains a weekly listing of every tournament on the schedule! Check it out!


Offseason Replay

  • 12/24/2018

    • 6:00am: ATP Washington Semifinal

    • 9:00am: Laver Cup Zverev v. Isner

    • 11:30am: Laver Cup Isner v. Federer

    • 2:00pm: ATP Washington Semifinal

    • 9:00pm: ATP Roland Garros (2017) 1st Round

    • 11:00pm: ATP Roland Garros (2017) 2nd Round

  • 12/25/2018

    • 1:00am: ATP Roland Garros (2017) 3rd Round

    • 3:00am: ATP Roland Garros (2017) 4th Round

    • 5:00am: ATP Roland Garros (2017) Quarterfinal

    • 6:30am: ATP Roland Garros (2017) Semifinal

    • 9:00am: ATP Roland Garros (2017) Final

    • 12:00pm: Davis Cup Encore

    • 2:30pm: Davis Cup Encore

    • 9:00pm: ATP Monte Carlo 2nd Round

    • 10:30pm: ATP Monte Carlo 3rd Round

  • 12/26/2018

    • 12:00am: ATP Monte Carlo Quarterfinal

    • 1:00am: ATP Monte Carlo Seminal

    • 2:30am: ATP Monte Carlo Final

    • 4:00am: ATP Barcelona 2nd Round

    • 7:00am: ATP Barcelona 3rd Round

    • 8:30am: Barcelona Quarterfinal

    • 10:30am: Barcelona Semifinal

    • 12:00pm: ATP Barcelona Final

    • 1:30pm: ATP Madrid 2nd Round

    • 3:00pm: ATP Madrid 3rd Round

    • 9:00pm: ATP Washington DC Semifinal

  • 12/27/2018

    • 6:00am: ATP Miami Final

    • 9:00am: ATP Wimbledon Semifinal

    • 2:30pm: ATP Canada Quarterfinal

  • 12/28/2018

    • 2:00am: ATP Cincinatti Final

    • 6:00am: ATP Canada Final

    • 9:00am: WTA Cincinatti Final

    • 11:30am: Laver Cup Zverev v. Anderson

    • 2:00pm: ATP Canada Semifinal'

    • 5:00pm: ATP Canda Final